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Well scince i wasn't a sucess as a animator nor a voice actor, iv'e started to do some drwaing and i don't know but they seem popular.
Anyway i'll give it a shot.
If you like my art moar can be seen at:

And for gods sake (or satan's if you're not into god)

Free Voice Acting

2009-05-25 12:35:44 by Th3Reaper

It just hit me, i wanna do voice acting. Male teenage baryton voice with slight foreign accent, yeah thats me. PM me or E-mail if you're intrested. Also if you're intrested: Downloadable soundtest

Nothing New

2008-08-29 11:28:25 by Th3Reaper

Theres nothing new anywhere on my account.


2008-06-09 15:32:25 by Th3Reaper

Greetingz Mortals!
This is the day when the reaper starts taking over NG frontpage.
You have probably seen my Ripped Up Series.
There are upcoming.

Finished things to post:
#1 Ripped up III - The 3rd pt of ripped up.
#2 The Reaper vs. Carl - A short anim about the reaper who is fighting his brother Carl.
#3 The Reaper vs. Satan - The result of when a guy challenged me.
#4 Reapers Rampage - A Short anim where the reaper strikes agin.
#5 SAAW XVII - A stick Parody of SAW

Work in progress:
#1 Ripped up IV - 20% in progress

All these movies (not including SAAW XVII) use The Reaper as main character.